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Los Angeles Clippers guard Lance Stephenson, 24 — who is set to earn million this year — hauled his 6-foot-5 inch frame to court, where his lawyers balked at ex-girlfriend Feby Torres’ demand that her ,000 a month temporary child support be doubled. what efforts if any would you make to further your education?

The auburn-haired Torres testified that she can’t afford to move out of her Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment or send their 1 ¹/₂-year old son, Lance Jr., to day care so she can go back to college. ” her lawyer Dan Nottes asked on direct examination.

Michelle’s post about how it sounds like she’s trying to be like Nicki Minaj (Nicki added two verses to Gotti’s single last week). Here’s her post: If it feels like this is all just one big publicity stunt, that’s because it very well could be.

Born Ready appeared to add a bunch of other negative commentary, too, as you can see here: Thing is, the Clippers guard was actually taking part in a game against the Celtics last night, so it seems unlikely that he was leaving comments on IG at the time. Since putting her IG post up about speaking with Stephenson’s mother, K.

Michelle promote her latest project by essentially just allowing this story to play out.

But if Stephenson really was hacked, this should serve as yet another reminder for all pro athletes—and celebrities as a whole—to keep your social media passwords under lock and key.

She didn’t respond to Stephenson at first, but early this morning, she took to her IG account to put up a post addressing the situation.The team did not disclose the terms in a press release.He spent four seasons with the Pacers after he was drafted by the team in 2010. – Lance Stephenson is returning to Indianapolis, the team confirmed Thursday.League sources tell ESPN, the Pacers and Stephenson agreed to a three-year, million deal with first two years guaranteed and team option on the third.

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