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I know that there is an option for selecting validation during the backup setup process but I never tried this approach.

Since I never encountered any restore issue, I have these two questions: -- How critical is it to actually perform a backup validation, in the first place? By adding the validation option to the backup settings, doing it right after the backup operation completes or right before restoring an image?

I'm trying to understand how to make sure my Backup is successful with no errors.

Then double-check the data on your processing pagesomething like ---------------------If Request.

Form(radio Button Name) = "Customer Number" Then If Is Numeric(Request.

Beginning in 2011 as the National Validation Forum, Pharm Out facilitated innovative thinking and proposed the early adoption of the US FDA Process Validation thinking, this innovative thinking has continued as we have shared ideas and experiences around industry hot topics.

This year is no different as we talk about, Industry 4.0, Data Integrity, Quality Metrics, PIC/S Version 13, specifically – Part 1, Annex 11 and Annex 15 and the massive changes for industry.

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