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When Brandon Martin and Brian Dillon started B&B Demolition in 1993, their dreams were lofty but their approach was very down-to-earth.For the first several years, using sledgehammers and hiring the occasional extra hand, they tackled mostly smaller projects, making a name for themselves throughout the Charleston, SC area as both reliable and professional.“Once the demo is complete, this site will be an attractive development opportunity for any investor,” he says.“It is about 160 acres and a great location with both a rail spur and nearby river access. It is an object of the invention, to provide for such release of pressure without substantial damage to other portions of the tank, and without uncontrolled release of the contents thereof. HALL July 3o, 1940; TANK Roof' File-d nec; s1, 1937 Patented July 30, 1940 v UNITED STATES TANK ROOF Earle w. J., maar m smidard Oil Development Company, a corporation of Delaware Application December 31, 1937, serial No. destructive pressures which may develop within the tank.A victim of the same acquisition and consolidation fever that has gripped so many industries, the plant was purchased by building materials giant Certain Teed Corp., shuttered in 2001 and idled.According to Brandon Martin, DECO co-founder, a push to ready the site for eventual sale and re-development prompted the plant’s demolition.

Ramboll also carried out a sensitivity analysis of movement predictions using a range of soil stiffness to give confidence that the movements would be modest, generally less than a few millimetres.

The building now features an additional storey-and-a-half, conserved and repaired masonry façade and the restored timber lighthouse, ensuring its great character was retained and its long term viability secured.

The Lighthouse building’s footprint sits entirely over two tunnels, one Tf L District Circle and Metropolitan, one Network Rail Thames Link “the basement slab steps up to pass over the crown of the Tf L tunnel, it is that close” comments Jackie Heath, Conservation and Structural Engineer at Ramboll.

Located in the heart of King's Cross and dating back to 1875-1895, the Lighthouse building is a local landmark.

It was left derelict for many years until developers; UK Real Estate took the bold decision to redevelop the Grade II listed building that was on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk Register.

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