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It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by this feminine beauty, whether internal or external.When this happens, men put women on pedestals and treat them like objects of admiration instead of real people.But generally this is a time when most people get lazy and don’t do what needs to be done to establish a good relationship and things can quickly turn sour.For the first week or two the relationship will be magical.This is how girls feel about guys who place them on pedestals. They look beautiful and being around them beautiful.But when you admire them instead of communicating person-to-person, they can tell you’re being shallow and fake from a mile away.She told me I was being “inappropriate” and that she was “very disappointed” and then whap, she slapped my face and departed. No, I don’t think you should email her an apology note. ” I was actually so appalled by this poor man’s missive that I was rendered speechless—which is really saying something for me.In fact, after collecting myself I had so much to say that I had to organize my thoughts.

We consciously or unconsciously put the woman up on a pedestal.

Most likely the biggest mistake that many guys make at one time or another when dating is to put a girl on a pedestal. It creates a problem that can be devastating to your overall life if left unchecked.

This can literally shake your foundation of confidence and slowly eat away at it.

Thus it was that I came up with what I consider the Many men idolize or idealize women—not just one woman, but all women.

These men tend to assume if something is going badly, it’s because they themselves did something wrong and that the woman herself had nothing to do with it.

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The consequences of this situation can destroy your confidence and self beliefs, so I am going to help you become aware of the symptoms, how it gradually develops, and then how to prevent the situation from happening ever again.

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