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Using this as a marker it should be possible to fall in love on the Internet. Is she forgetting to tell you that she is talking to six other men online?

However, the question we must ask is: what is the truth of it? You can talk to the person on the phone or online for hours and think you know all about them. Did he happen to mention he really wants to meet you (for sex only)?

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But, the bottom line is, an online relationship just isn't the real thing.

How can two people be in love if they have never touched each other?

I am reminded of the opening of the movie "You've Got Mail" a lot, when they can't wait to check their email.

Either way, he says that even if I don't go there, he will come to America.(I know this because when I first starting talking to him and was unsure about him, because it IS the internet, I told him to write my name on a piece of paper and take a picture of it) It's weird because I find myself not going out as much, the minute I get home I turn on the computer to see if he is online, and it seems he does the same with me.

Make sure you are seeing him clearly and not how you WANT him to appear (meaning put him up against your dream man and if he truly does fit...celebrate).

I just hope that things work out, because he lives in a different country I feel like i'm running after something thats extremely hard to catch.

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