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I’m a man in his 20s who is fluent in Spanish and looking for a woman who came from the same background.When I joined, there where a lot of women but only some in the same area as I am.Vi må velge hva vi liker og som vi virkelig ønsker.Denne personen må fortsatt oppfylle noen grunnleggende krav at du må ha utseendet som om du liker det, må du ha intelligens tilsvarer hva du til slutt nødt til å like det du i hverdagen og i seng.i en tid da livet rushes hurtigtog få mennesker har den luksus av tid til å finne den andre halvparten, hengivenhet, kjærlighet, eller til og med en elsker.All den travle, engstelige, arbeidet 10-12 timer, shopping ..

Go to regular site Flirt - Amor Dating - For a moment or forever In the era of the time where everyone’s life is like a speeding train only few people have the luxury of time to find the other half, affection, love or a lover.

Posted by Giovanna on 2-09-14 in New Men Quien soy yo?

: Bueno soy retirado del US Army y tengo mi propio negocio, tengo una hermosa hija de casi 15 años que es mi luz, soy Puerto Riqueño pero vivo en florida, soy alegre y me encanta... Posted by Giovanna on 1-02-14 in How To, Uncategorized …and other helpful advice.

Posted by Giovanna on 3-20-14 in New Men Quien soy yo? Latinas take pride in our partners being well-dressed and smelling good.

: Hola mi nombre es luis naci en Costa Rica pero vivo en Houston desde Los 15 Anos divorciado ,amo viajar por el mundo y disfrutar las cosas simples de la vida Quien Busco? Posted by Giovanna on 11-12-13 in New Men Quien soy? He viajado por toda América del Sur, pero el mes que viene será mi primer viaje a Colombia. You do not have to wear formal shirts or pants of expensive brands; we don’t care...

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